I am currently accepting commissions. Here are a few details:

  • Calligraphy Paintings: If you wish for a calligraphy piece, which are calligraphic interpretations of a specific subject, emotion, scene, etc. contact me so I can learn more about your vision. Prices vary depending on a variety of factors, but prices start from $300 for a 12×12” painting on canvas.
  • Pop-up books: I created my first pop-up book for a special child in my life. I can create personalized pop-up children stories featuring your favorite human with lots of 3D and watercolor elements. Prices can vary depending on size, number of pages, and complication of the design.

Art Classes

  • Group classes: I currently offer group art classes for the youth at my studio or off-site. Classes will focus on inspiration from past artists, art techniques, and process oriented projects.
  • Private classes: I offer private classes to the youth who look to re-enforce their artistic skills. Private lessons are conducted on-site at my studio or off-site.


  • Group classes: You can find me teaching yoga classes at studios around Washington DC. Find my regular schedule below.
Mondays Yoga Heights – Takoma Slow Flow @ 6:30pm
Mondays Yoga Heights – Takoma Power Flow @ 7:45pm
Tuesdays Yoga Heights – Georgia Ave Vinyasa @ 12pm
Wednesdays Bluebird Sky Yoga Core & Restore @ 12:30pm
  • Private classes: I offer private yoga classes to groups and individuals. Depending on your physical and spiritual needs and goals, I will tailor the class to assist you in finding your balance.

Dive into a unique blend of art and yoga where mindfulness fuels creativity and movement sparks expression. My workshops offer a space where somatic movement intertwines with creative outlets, tailored to suit your needs. Whether it’s teambuilding, problem-solving, or collective healing, I offer interactive and unique workshops catered to your needs. Experience the synergy of mindfulness and creativity, igniting inspiration and introspection for individuals and groups alike.

You can expect to be guided through a series of asanas followed by a creative activity such as journaling, drawing, paintings, or collaging. Contact me below for a conversation!

Gardening and cultivating vegetables and fruits have been a part of my life since childhood. I feel empowered when I can create a deep connection with the land I occupy, interact with life in all shapes and forms, and feed myself! So when at university, I dove deep into urban agriculture and food justice and accessibility.

Food apartheid is an issue all around the world, and I believe one way to tackle this issue in urban areas, is to turn underutilized green spaces into urban food forests. Change can start with your backyard! I incorporate native planting to invite pollinators and reintroduce the harmony that once existed before urbanization. 

Through my services, your will receive

  • an in-person consultation to gather measurements and environmental data such as sunlight patterns, slopes and possible erosions, current vegetation, etc.
  • evaluation of your wants and needs from your space
  • a final design that illustrates the vision for the future of your land
  • a comprehensive list of proposed plants